Welcome to Restoration Community Church

We are a church that believes that ministry should not only be accomplished inside a building, but that restoration should also take place in our community.

We are founded on the principle of saving souls and developing whole, Jesus-centered people, which in turn, creates whole families and whole communities.

Our life’s work is to see God’s promise come to past, by staying committed, connected, and covenanted with His people to direct them in the path that God has willed for their lives

  • Mission: Restoring hearts and minds for the coming of Christ.
  • Vision: To be a place of refuge in our community where souls are transformed in Christ, and individuals can experience spiritual wholeness.
  • Purpose: Restoration-So that your latter state will be better than your current state

Restoration Community Church Services

Daily Prayers

Words and faith and wisdom shared daily

Bible Study

Bible study will be held on Wednesday

Church Service

Services Start at 10 am every Sunday

Community Helpers

Outreach and community imporvement projects


Give to the growth of the church

Tithes and Offering

Thank you for giving to further our mission of restoring our community. We look to move forward in the things of God!


Church Pastors

Neil & Sheree Thomas

Pastor Neil and Pastor Sheree Thomas have dedicated their lives to seeing people whole and set free in Christ. "Our genuine concern for God’s people and spiritual growth shines through as we propel God’s Word through different forms and examples to relate to all congregations and audiences. Though we are still perfecting our faith, we hope others will be inspired to take that leap toward Christ as they are compelled and led to let Him direct change and purpose in their lives through salvation, deliverance, and healing."


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